Thank you everyone for your support! I’m priveleged to be elected Aurora Town Justice, and pledge to serve you well.

Mark November 3 on your calendar, and please vote DiFilippo!


Elect Anthony Difilippo IV for Town of Aurora, NY Judge
Elect Anthony DiFilippo IV for Town of Aurora, NY Judge


“I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I
like to see a man live so that place will be proud of him.”
— Abraham Lincoln —

Like you, I am proud of the Town of Aurora. That hometown pride drives my campaign for Aurora Town Justice. I am a fourth-generation Auroran. My grandfather was an East Aurora Mayor. I chose to stay in Aurora, raise a wonderful family in Aurora, volunteer in many civic causes in Aurora, and as a partner in a well-established, respected East Aurora law firm, practice law and employ a staff of 13 in the Town of Aurora! For the past 28 Years, I have handled and tried more civil and criminal cases in the Town of Aurora Justice Court than any other candidate.

My legal experience, combined with my deep appreciation of the local norms and expectations of Aurora citizens through being a long-term resident, civic volunteer, and East Aurora law firm partner, make me best suited to provide local justice while abiding established laws.

I assure you that I will be a fair, just, courteous, and efficient Justice that you will be proud to call your “Aurora Town Justice.” I humbly seek your support for the elected position of Aurora Town Justice.

– Anthony DiFilippo IV

Endorsed by the Aurora Republican Committee
Endorsed by the Aurora Conservative Committe